Veneffect Pore Minimizing Cleanser

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The perfect first step in your skin ritual, VENeffect’s Pore Minimizing Cleanser not only removes everyday impurities and dead skin cells, it also infuses skin with the brand’s ultra-advanced phytoestrogen complex. Oestrogen declines as we age, simultaneously reducing the production of collagen – but VENeffect’s natural, plant-derived phytoestrogens (including soy and pomegranate extracts) mimic its skin-boosting benefits, stimulating cells to produce collagen and retain precious moisture.

To minimise the appearance of pores, the gentle foaming formula also contains willow bark, which removes excess sebum and fights shine, while pomegranate enzymes remove dead skin cells to reveal the healthy, luminous skin beneath. Finally, cucumber and grapefruit extracts refresh and renew your complexion, leaving it feel cool, clear and collected – and perfectly prepped for the next stages in your skin care routine.