Ardell Deluxe Pack 105 False Eyelashes

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What it is: The World's #1 Lash Adhesive and World's Best Selling Lashes available for the first time together!
What it does: The Deluxe Pack is a professional quality twin set of Ardell false eyelashes, DUO adhesive and includes a new soft-touch lash applicator to quickly and effortlessly adjust and apply lashes.
What else you need to know: Apply lashes like a pro.; Receive a Free travel sized DUO adhesive and soft touch applicator with the purchase of Ardell lashes.;
The Deluxe Pack features professional quality twin set of glamorous Ardell 105 Lashes, DUO adhesive and new soft-touch lash applicator.

Lash adhesive Net Wt. 0.09 oz / 2.5 g