Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

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This cult-classic moisturizer started out as a backstage secret weapon that Charlotte Tilbury mixed for her supermodel and celebrity clients, who quickly became hooked on “Charlotte’s magic cream.” Now a beauty industry favorite, Magic Cream contains a secret mix of patented anti-aging ingredients that lift and transform dry, dull, and lackluster skin in an instant.

“Whether you’re stressed at your desk or an all-night hedonist with hungover skin, cheat the appearance of 8 hours of sleep with my Magic Cream for a lasting dewy, plumped-up finish.” – Charlotte


An instant pick-me-up for skin.

Enriched with a skin-plumping hyaluronic acid booster, Magic Cream floods the skin with moisture for a dewy, glowing complexion in a flash.

Fights aging on all fronts.

Achieve youthful, plumped-up skin perfection with Magic Cream’s BioNymph Peptide Complex, a breakthrough ingredient that stimulates collagen production, fights free radicals, and reduces wrinkles.

Powered by botanical magic.

Experience the antioxidant benefits of wild pansy, rosehip, camellia, and frangipani, which work alongside vitamins A, C, and E to promote smooth, firm, and deeply nourished skin that glows with vitality.

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