Morphe x Jeffree Star Brush Collection Brush Set

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A jaw-dropping, beat-creating brush collection from our fiercest of fierce babes, Jeffree Star. You’ll live for these seven iconic, custom brushes that kick sass and take names. You. Better. Work.


1. JS1 - Size Queen Brush (Synthetic)

Bigger is totally better, babe. Especially when it comes to your foundation brush. The rounded, large-and-in-charge head will help you blend, buff, and cover in all the right places. Pores? Never met her. Selfie, here you come.


“Seamless foundation look? B*tch, you know that’s the only thing I live for.”


2. JS2 - Point-Blank Precision Brush (Synthetic)

We like big buffs and we cannot lie. The longer bristles fit into every contour of your face and deliver a smooth application of your fave powder products. Wanna go full-on? Who doesn’t? This babe is perf for all-over setting action.


“You guys know I’m a powder queen. I love putting powder everywhere, so this is the brush for that. It’ll give you that beautiful mannequin look.”


3. JS3 - Iconic Contour Brush (Synthetic)

Chisel those cheekbones, mama. You’ll be livin’ for the small, dense bristles that make it easy to handle any detailed contouring job. Slays well with powder and creamy or liquid products.


“This brush changed my life (and how I contour my nose). It’s great for small areas and builds product pretty easily.”


4. JS4 - Fly High Brush (Natural)

Hi, highlight. How are ya? We all know Jeffree is obsessed with a highlighter you can see from outer space. Can’t say we blame him. This au naturale brush will take you there.


“One of my favorites. Highlighting is my obsession. You can highlight your whole body with this one.”


5. JS5 - Crease Kween Brush (Natural)

Get all the details and a new crease on life. The longer bristles allow you to place color in all the right spots and buff out to perfection. Yes, mama.


“I do have deep-set eyes, so I wanted to create something that fits right into that eye socket.”


6. JS6 - Rule Blender Brush (Natural)

Do what you will with this brush. There are no rules. But it’s perfect for carving out chiseled eye looks and knows how to drop bold, opaque color in the blink of an eye. Just sayin’.


“Get in that crease, baby. I’ve learned to do my entire eye look with just this and JS5 Crease Kween Brush.”


7. JS7 - Double Trouble Brush (Synthetic)

There are two sides to every story. This double-ended dream knows how to bring the drama. Use the angled end for drawing on brows with your fave cream products or use with concealer to brighten up that brow highlight. Turn to the spoolie end to brush out any harsh brow lines, leaving you with soft, natural arches.


“I’ve been drawing on my brows since the tenth grade. Last year, I took time off from them. But baby, brows are back this year thanks to this razor-sharp brush!”


8. Starstruck Bag

Get carried away with your iconic life thanks to this oh-so-chic bag. The pink-a-boo vibe and silver detailing will stop anyone in their tracks. There’s no hiding anything, and that’s just the way Jeffree likes it.


“Very iconic and very chic with a little pink peek-a-boo vibe to it and silver holographic detailing. Girl, I wanted it to be very me."