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PRE ORDER Colourpop x Bretman Rock Wet and Lit Collection - Batch 2

  • ₱1,100.00

This collection is for PRE ORDER

ETA: 3rd week December

50% downpayment is needed for your pre order to be processed.

The remaining 50% balance can be settled upon arrival of items in MNL

Items in this collection:

  • Lit Eyeshadow Palette Php1100
  • Lit Super Shock Blush Php700
  • Lit Ultra Satin Lip Php600
  • Lit Ultra Glossy Lip Php560
  • Lit Lip Pencil Php520
  • Lit Gliterally Obsessed Body Glitter Php700
  • Lit Bundle Php3900
  • Wet Eyeshadow Palette Php1100
  • Wet Super Shock Blush Php700
  • Wet Ultra Satin Lip Php600
  • Wet Ultra Glossy Lip Php560
  • Wet Lip Pencil Php520
  • Wet Gliterally Obsessed Body Glitter Php700
  • Wet Bundle Php3900
  • PR Box Php7500
  • Full Collection Php6800

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